From the QIAT Website:

Quality Indicators

  1. Consideration of AT Needs :(QI1-MS Word) (QI1-PDF)
  2. Assessment of AT Needs :(QI2-MS Word) (QI2-PDF)
  3. AT in the IEP :(QI3-MS Word) (QI3-PDF)
  4. AT Implementation :(QI4-MS Word) (QI4-PDF)
  5. Evaluation of Effectiveness of AT :(QI5-MS Word) (QI5-PDF)
  6. AT in Transition : (QI6-MS Word) (QI6-PDF)
  7. Administrative Support for AT : (QI7-MS Word) (QI7-PDF)
  8. AT Professional Development :(QI8-MS Word) (QI8-PDF)

Quality Indicators Matrices

How to use the Quality Indicators Matrices: (Use – Word) (Use -PDF)

  1. Matrices Consideration of AT Needs :(MQI1-MS Word) (MQI1-PDF)
  2. Matrices Assessment of AT Needs :(MQI2-MS Word) (MQI2-PDF)
  3. Matrices AT in the IEP :(MQI3-MS Word) (MQI3-PDF)
  4. Matrices AT Implementation :(MQI4-MS Word) (MQI4-PDF)
  5. Matrices Evaluation of Effectiveness of AT :(MQI5-MS Word) (MQI5-PDF)
  6. Matrices AT in Transition : (MQI6-MS Word) (MQI6-PDF)
  7. Matrices Administrative Support for AT : (MQI7-MS Word) (MQI7-PDF)
  8. Matrices AT Professional Development :(MQI8-MS Word) (MQI8-PDF)

WATCH: Webinar Recordings Focused on Each Indicator Area


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